Upgrading your Business with a Paint Job

Need a New Paint Job for Your Business?

One of the best ways to upgrade your commercial property is to give it a professional paint job. There are so many reasons why a business owner would want to do this.

For starters, a business owner can incorporate their branded colors and textures. This makes their building look more authentic and unique, which is what customers admire.

There are also reasons that companies want to get a new paint job, such as new and improved look and feel, brightness and making the business look cleaner.

The Challenges Businesses Face

There are many challenges, concerns and fears associated with hiring a commercial painting company to come in and give their business a professional look. One of the biggest hurdles is knowing the painters won’t be interrupting the work flow during the day.

It can be a major distraction having a company in your business or office for not only your employees, but for clients and customers as well.

We interviewed many business owners that are looking for commercial painters and here are some major challenges and concerns they are facing before they go out and hire a company.


Professionalism can go in many different directions. However, here are some examples by what we mean with it:

Business owners do not want to feel embarrassed by bringing in a bunch of painters that aren’t well groomed, use foul language, and don’t clean up after themselves. This is a major concern and fear that many business owners are feeling at the moment.

Owners also want to make sure the company shows up at the appropriate time, so time is not wasted waiting around. If this isn’t done correctly, it can be a domino effect and can impact the efficiency of employees. It can also have a negative impact on clients or customers who are there to buy your products or services.


The end product means the world! Owners fear that the results won’t be as described because it is hard to trust certain contractors. The fact is that painting isn’t easy and requires some serious skills. If the contractors don’t have an experienced crew, you could be getting yourself into a big mess.

Quality also has to do with giving the right advice. This has to do with experience and really caring about the business owner’s wants and needs. If, for any reason, you feel that the contractor is rushing to get on to the next estimate that is a red flag. You should look for another company.

Advantage versus Your Competitors

When you are competing against many other companies, having a super professional new look can make your business stand out. Studies show that 78% of customers would rather visit a business that looks newer than older. The only exception is that the business has been around for a long time and has built up a reputation.

Building your brand even further is a major advantage as well. Branding is a powerful sales tactic, and necessary to be able to succeed. It builds trust and trust produces sales. Your next paint job can be the difference in customers or clients trusting your business.


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